Jim Ross Blog: MITB PPV Thoughts, John Cena As Champion Again & More

The following are highlights of the latest Jim Ross blog:

On Money In The Bank 2014 and John Cena winning the title again: “If you read my Twitter time line @JRsBBQ you will see the verbal beating that I’m taking, don’t ask me why, because @JohnCena is once again the WWE World Champion. I actually find some of the tweets funny as hell and to think that a guy who doesn’t work for WWE has ANYTHING to do with what went down Sunday night in Boston is an eye roller.

Firstly….I have zero issues on the creative direction that WWE chose by putting Cena back in the key spot. They know, as does John, that Cena doesn’t need the title to sell tickets, PPV’s, or merch. However, they also know that Cena is the perfect talent to put the title on someone else, I’m still advocating Brock Lesnar at Summer Slam, which will then facilitate Lesnar passing the title to a younger upcoming star (Roman Reigns at WM31).

I can only hope that based on the Tweets that I’ve received in the past 24 hours or so that many of the fans in question take their every day lives, their families and their jobs as seriously as they do who won a show biz, pro wrestling title.

That’s akin to me still being pissed at poor, old Bruce Dern for killing John Wayne in ‘The Cowboys.’ Silly, right?

I would also speculate that many within WWE including Cena himself knows that John is over exposed but main event talent depth is not overly prevalent in today’s WWE and it’s a process that takes time. Establishing new stars of which we are seeing with talents like Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Harper & Rowan, Big E, etc isn’t an exact science and generally takes multiple years to accomplish.

The key to developing new main eventers is making sure that everyone is evolving and not living in their own, personal comfort zone and that starts with every member of the roster with no exceptions.

Remember, when one stops growing professionally they simply start ‘dying.’

My favorite matches at MITB were the Usos vs. Harper/Rowan and the first MITB Ladder Match. The show was a solid watch on my iPad from the patio but it wasn’t a ‘great’ show. Few are these days. The two divas bouts and the Sandow/Rose business seemed to hamper the momentum that seemed to be building in the arena but that’s merely my observation as I was far from Boston on Sunday night.”

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