Jim Ross Blog: HBK Retiring At WrestleMania, His Health, Mark Cuban

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Some highlights:

HBK Retiring at WrestleMania: “We get emails all the time with fans assuming that WM26 will be HBK’s last Wrestlemania. I have not heard that confirmed whatsoever and if it is true wouldn’t one think that WWE would be preparing to make it a HUGE deal? In my mind’s eye, Wrestlemania season officially launches at the Royal Rumble. I am excited about the Match 2010 release of the next HBK DVD which is a countdown of Shawn’s Best Matches. Good luck in narrowing that list down to a three disc set.”

Ross on his own health: “It’s back to the doctor’s today for me as I will be seeing a Rheumatologist today which is a first. I had to go on line to find out what a Rheumatologist does in their world of specialty medicine. However, I’m feeling better every day and remain upbeat and optimistic that I have not called my last match and that my next one might be sooner than some expect.”

Mark Cuban: “Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban likely got cheered in the only major arena in America as the controversial, young billionaire is essentially one of the most vilified individuals in pro sports. Cuban is defiant, has been fined by NBA Commissioner David Stern many times and basically has been caught on TV court side acting like a tool. Nonetheless Cuban did a solid job on Raw and one could tell that the Mavs owner keeps up with the product or was tremendously prep.”

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