Jim Ross Blog: Battleground Thoughts, Why Rollins Isn't A Heel, WWE Draft

Following Sunday night’s WWE Battleground event, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross posted a new blog at JRsBarBQ.com sharing his thoughts on the pay-per-view and some other topical subjects from the wrestling world. Below are some of the highlights.

On why he feels Seth Rollins doesn’t make the best heel character right now:

“Why should I dislike alleged villain Seth Rollins? He rarely cheats, he’s a great athlete that does tons of fan favorite spots and has overcome a potential career threatening injury that was well documented. Getting fans to dislike Rollins is going to be challenging abased on the current lay of the land.”

On his belief that Enzo Amore is the best talker to come through the ranks in WWE in a while:

“Enzo Amore was a star on the mic with one of the better in ring talking segments that I can recall in WWE in a long while. Really happy for Enzo and Cass especially considering that Cass was once considered to be expendable in NXT. I remember that production meeting where that matter was discussed as the ESPN cameras were there taping for the feature that was done on NXT.”

On the “Highlight Reel” segment with Chris Jericho and Randy Orton at Battleground:

” The Jericho Highlight Reel was well done and Orton delivered a memorable line regarding not needing to be “enhanced” referring to Brock Lesnar’s drug test failure surrounding UFC 200. Cool line. Most memorable line of the night. Jericho was a perfect foil for Orton Sunday night.”

On the reason why he isn’t going to give an opinion on how the WWE Draft / brand extension is going thus far:

“As I have said numerous times, the WWE Draft jury will be out until at least Wrestlemania in Orlando as that will give everyone an indication what each brand, RAW and Smackdown, has developed to contribute to the biggest show of the year. I suggest that fans not get to wrapped up in the early going of this matter while fully realizing that this suggestion will likely fall on deaf ears.”

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