Jim Johnston On Why His WWE Career Ended, If He Spoke to Vince McMahon, Today’s WWE Music ‘Simply a Commodity’

Former WWE musician Jim Johnston, who is famous for creating legendary themes for Superstars such as The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and more, appeared on Sean Mooney’s “Prime Time” podcast for his first interview since leaving WWE. Below are some interview highlights, via Reddit user Truthamania.

On today’s WWE music compared to his early days in WWE:

“A complaint I have about where the business has gone is that the music has simply become a commodity. It has less to do with the character and selling the character, it’s now something that coincidentally plays while somebody comes out.”

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On how it all ended between him and WWE:

“Towards the last years I was there, communication really fell apart and I think that’s what really got us on a bad road.”

“I’m very pollyannish, and I tend to trust people until, unfortunately, I’ve been shown that I shouldn’t be trusting. There were people that I really thought were friends who turned out not to be friends.”

On if he spoke with Vince McMahon prior to his WWE departure:

“I had a brief conversation with Vince and it was over. All I’ll say is that I think there were a lot of ways to end it, and the way that it ended was, I think, there were better ways to end it to where everyone could’ve walked away with a much better feeling. After thirty two years, it feels like a lost opportunity to me and I don’t really understand it.”

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Sean Mooney's Prime Time Podcast

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