Jeff Jarrett Talks iMPACT! & PPVs On The Road, Working With Karen & Kurt

Busted Open with Jeff Jarrett
Hosts: Dave LaGreca and Doug Mortman
Mondays and Wednesdays from 2-4 PM ET
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Here are some highlights of what Jeff Jarrett said about:

If there are more plans for TNA to take Impact and PPV’s on the road: “There absolutely are. The touring business is a very very tough business first and foremost. Me growing up here in Nashville certainly around the music business, there’s a lot of hard work that goes in to taking a show on the road….It is a tough road. In 2009, I think we ran 50 events, 2010 we ran about 80 or so and 2011 I think we’re going to have over 100 on the books.”

The Impact Zone and how it plays on TV: “To me, the Impact Zone is an intimate setting. Is it what the wrestling fan is accustomed to back from the 90’s with the Monday Night Wars so to speak were going on when both the shows were in arenas, but the reality is that we are not in that era anymore and WWE is not selling the tickets that they did in the 90’s and the touring business and the country as a whole is in a recession.”

Working with his wife and Kurt Angle in this current storyline: “I have to tell you that you are probably using the incorrect word when you call it a storyline, because that kind of tells you it’s scripted….you just tune in and it’s as uncomfortable as one could imagine. It’s real, its damn real as Kurt would say.”

Other topics covered include the growth of TNA as a wrestling promotion, being able to draw larger crowds when the show goes on the road, if they consider themselves to be in competition with the WWE or an alternative, his thoughts on the possibility of Sting signing with WWE and more.

* Modeling Pictures of KURT ANGLE’s 25-Year-Old Baby Mama


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