Jazzy Gabert Updates Her Injury Status, Talks Which WWE Star Contacted Her After Surgery, Who In NXT She Wants to Face

Injured WWE NXT star and Mae Young Classic competitor Jazzy Gabert recently appeared on Women’s Pro Wrestling Weekly, and the following highlights have been issued. You can listen to the entire episode in the player above or at this link.

Jazzy Talks On Her Return To The Ring After The Operation:

I’m going to send my MRI to WWE doctors and if they say you are good to go I will give it another try. To be honest, I’m not sure if I want to do independent wrestling anymore because I’ve been doing for 17 years. With independent wrestling, it’s very difficult.

I’m going to wait another 3 months to heal it completely. My doctor said wait a little longer. Everything is fine now, I don’t have any pain. And I had a little tingling in my fingers but is completely gone now and my full strength is back. So I think everything is alright.

Jazzy Tells Us Who Contacted Her From The WWE After Her Surgery:

I have some friends there and we’re in contact and they’re telling me, ‘Come on, we miss you here get your ass over here. I’m in training and I’m in contact with them. It’s really encouraging. Even like wrestlers TJ Wilson, he wrote me and I’m like wow so much support. Even like Christian and Edge are still behind me .. we texted yesterday and it was like so freaking awesome and all these people behind me. So I really have to get fit.

Jazzy Tells Us Where She Got Her Look And Name From:

The look came from Bully Ray because he said I wasn’t pretty enough. So, I shaved my hair and I wanted to be “ugly”  and that’s how the alpha female look came from. But the name itself came from my then boyfriend, he was also a wrestler.He was on the road and I was home sitting at home and he said to the other girls, ‘Oh, my girlfriend she is jealous’  and they were like ‘why is she jealous she is the alpha female’ and I was like wow that’s a pretty fitting name.

Jazzy Tell Us How She Got Into MMA:

MMA happened because in 2015 I was coming home from Japan. I worked in Japan for like 3 – 4 years. And that ended and I was like what do I do next ?I did TNA already and I did the whole European thing and I did Japan. Then someone called me and asked if I want to fight in MMA? And I thought this is how I can show the world and WWE that I can still learn something, even at my age and do something new and that’s why I went into MMA.

Jazzy Tells Us Who She Would Like To Battle In The Ring:

I had great matches with  Kairi Sane. I had many great matches in Japan with her. So, I know when we get to WWE we can delivery and show the fans real female wrestling and I want to wrestle Sasha Banks and team up with Bayley. There are so many options.

Jazzy  Also Wants To Get In The Acting Game:

I really want to do movies. Movies are my next big passion. I already did a few bit  parts. But I really want to go in there… I think with the whole wrestling thing, I have some acting experience.  What would be awesome is.. If they did Rocky but in the female version. I would love to do something like that.

Jazzy Tells Us Who She Would Like To Coach Her:

I met Shawn Michaels at The Mae Young Classic and was so fascinated with him. It would be my ultimate dream, if he were to train me. I wish that was like 10 to 15 years ago. Or even someone like Edge. Edge was super nice to me and he totally understands who I am.

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