Jazz Reveals How Paul Heyman Treated Talent In ECW, Wanting To Work With Charlotte

Former WWE Superstar Jazz recently appeared as a guest on the Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast for an in-depth interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On wanting to work a match with Charlotte Flair: “Honestly it started out with just me wanting to hear a fan’s point of view about how they would feel about seeing me and Charlotte Flair in the ring. If the opportunity ever comes I would like to see how the fans would adjust to that. Who would get the heel pop? Who would turn babyface? I’ve watched her and I love her swag. I want to see who would be the most dominant in that match. She’s Ric Flair’s daughter, but my Dad’s name is James Moore. Sometimes people forget who and what you’ve accomplished in this business, so if someone asks me who I want to face today, I’m saying Charlotte Flair!”

On her relationship with Ivory: “I love Ivory to death. Let me tell you something about Ivory. When I did my tryout match with WWE in a dark match, she had no clue who I was. Molly Holly smartened her up to who I was and talked about me. So she goes ‘Girl, I heard you’re really bad ass. So tonight it’s going to be all about you.’ She gave me one of the best matches man. Kudos to Ivory. They told me that was one of the best reactions to a female dark match. I’m wrestling a legend, Ivory, who’s acknowledging me, little old me who started in ECW.”

On Paul Heyman and ECW being a family: “Paul E made everyone a star. I don’t care if you were the opening match, you were a superstar. If you were the main event you were a superstar. I loved the way Paul E did things, I loved working for ECW. We were did things like a family. We’d get to the arena and there was no hostility. We hugged and kissed each other every day. Every day!”

Check out the complete episode of the Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast featuring the Jazz interview above, or at YouTube.com.

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