Jake Roberts Announces Retirement Plans, How Old Is Giant Gonzalez?, More

— Jake “The Snake” Roberts announced on his MySpace account that this will be his last year wrestling.

Roberts wrote, “There comes a moment and I regret that it has happened, but I simply am unable physically to perform at the level that I find acceptable. I cannot do what I did 30 years ago, and my God, am I glad that I can’t. But my love for what I’ve done in the last 35 years deserves more than I am capable of doing. I cherish every moment that I’ve had, good or bad, bottom line is I never had a bad moment in the ring. Any moment was something to treasure, and I can only do so by stepping away. Although the cheers and support are still there from you, the fans, I would be a liar to say that it is not only painful physically, mentally, but worst of all, deep in my heart..”

Roberts said he hopes to take bookings through the end of the year and then land a non-wrestling role in the industry afterward.

— Recently released WWE wrestler Eric Escobar took part in World Wrestling Council events in Puerto Rico over the weekend.

— In today’s wrestling birthdays, former Japanese wrestler Masa Saito turns 68, “Loverboy” Dennis Condrey turns 58 and Genichiro Tenryu turns 60. Also, former WWE wrestler Giant Gonzalez turned 44 years old yesterday.

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