Impact Wrestling Results (07/12): 6-Man Tag Team Tornado Match

On last week’s show, Hernandez & Homicide returned and took out LAX. After the attack, they said that they are the original LAX and now they are bring called The OGz. Let’s get right into the action for this week’s show.
The OGz (Homicide & Hernandez) w/King vs Local Talents: Hernandez and Homicide hit the ring and destroyed the local talents. Hernandez hits the Border Toss for the win. Winner: The OGz (Homicide & Hernandez)
After the match, King grabs the mic and says that the old man Konnan needs to go and it’s not his time anymore. King then says that they appreciate Konnan but he is done. King then says that he got tired of waiting. King then says that he is always two steps ahead. King then says that Homicide didn’t want to be left in Mexico and Hernandez is pissed that Konnan didn’t call him when Konnan started the new LAX. King then says that Konnan wanted to use the young boys (Santana & Ortiz) because they will follow him. King then says that right now they don’t care about the tag team titles. King then says that The OGz want to destroy the young boys and at the PPV they are going to have a 5150 match.

We head backstage where Shotzi Blackheart says that she is here to prove that she is the ballsy badass she claims she is and tonight Allie is her target.
We head to another area backstage where Sami Callihan says that oVe is the best trio in the world. Callihan then says that he is going to put Pentagon Jr. out of his misery.
Shotzi Blackheart vs Allie: Allie floors Blackheart with a shoulder block. Blackheart takes down Allie and puts her in a modified surfboard stretch. Blackheart hits the ropes but Allie rolls her up for a near fall. Blackheart runs into an elbow by Allie. Allie hits her running splash in the ropes. Allie misses a dropkick in the corner. Blackheart hits a cannonball in the corner. Blackheart gets a near fall. Strike combo by Blackheart. Swinging neck breaker followed by a senton by Blackheart. Blackheart misses a dropkick off the top. Allie fires up and drops Blackheart into the corner. Dropkick to the backside followed by a release German suplex for another near fall by Allie. Allie picks up Blackheart but Blackheart reverse it into an Edgeomatic. Blackheart misses a splash off the top. Allie hits the Codebreaker for the win. Winner: Allie
After the match, Tessa Blanchard attacks Allie from behind. Blanchard sends Allie into the barricade. Blanchard sends Allie back into the ring. Blanchard drops Allie with the Hammerlock DDT. Allie is out cold.

We head backstage where Grado, Katarina & Joe Hendry run into Eli Drake. Drake ignores Grado and steps to Katarina. Hendry gets in Drake’s way but Grado tells him that he will handle it. Grado challenges Drake to a match and walks away. Drake says that he wasn’t trying to wrestle Grado, he was trying to wrestle Katarina.
We head to another area backstage where Blanchard says that she attacked Allie because she got in Blanchard’s way.
We head to another area backstage where Austin Aries says that he knows Moose is somewhere training to try to beat him, but it doesn’t matter. Aries then says that the washed-up DeAngelo Williams will be here to give us an update on Moose. Aries then says that he is going to make Williams feel welcome here in Impact.

In Ring Segment: DeAngelo Williams & Josh Matthews
Williams gives Matthews a hug as he enters the ring. Williams starts by saying that he previously said that he wouldn’t come back but he is here. Williams then says that he and Moose have been training non-stop. Williams then says that Moose is stronger and leaner than before and that he is going to bring the belt home because the guy Moose is facing is trash. A video package of Moose training is shown. Williams then says that Moose is ready to take out Austin Crybabies or whatever he calls himself. Austin Aries walks out to the ring. Matthews leaves the ring.
Williams tells Aries that he doesn’t want any trouble. Aries then says that for the last few weeks all he has heard about is Williams’ return to his ring. Aries makes fun of Williams for not having a gig in The NFL. Aries then mocks Williams for never winning a championship. Aries then says that Williams is using Pro Wrestling to stay relevant just like Moose. Williams then says that it was just an interview. Aries then says that he has a message Williams needs to deliver to his buddy Moose. Aries decks Williams. Aries stomps on Williams. Aries grabs a chair. Aries takes a swing but Williams ducks and kicks Aries in the gut. Williams picks up the chair. Aries kicks Williams in the nuts. Aries lays Williams out with a chair shot to the back.
We head backstage where KM says that he proved that he was committed to their team last week. Fallah Bahh shakes KM’s hand. The Desi Hit Squad walks in. Gamma Singh says that they are going to bring honor back to the tag titles and that Bahh and KM are not worthy. KM challenges them to a match. Gamma then says that this is typical of North Americans. One can’t control what goes in his mouth (points at Bahh) the other can’t control what comes out of his mouth (points at KM).
Eli Drake vs Grado w/Katarina & Joe Hendry: Drake attacks Grado from behind. Drake stomps Grado. Grado stumbles into the corner. Drake pounds on Grado. Neck breaker by Drake. Grado catches Drake with a back elbow. Grado hits a second rope hurricanrana. Grado launches into the Dusty combo. Stinger splash by Grado. Drake clotheslines Grado. Drake hits the Gravy Train for the win. Winner: Eli Drake
After the match, Katarina and Drake have a moment. Hendry steps in. Drake accuses Hendry and Katarina of having a thing. Hendry and Katarina deny it. Drake laughs and walks away.
We head backstage where Killer Kross says that when he finds Petey Williams again he is going to squeeze all of the oxygen out of his skull.
We head to another area backstage where Matt Sydal says that size doesn’t matter. Sydal then says that everything he has done proves that. Sydal then says that his third eye is a bigger muscle than anything Brian Cage has and that you won’t even need to have an open third eye to see that he is walking out of Slammiversary as the X-Division Champion.
We have a segment where Moose calls in and says that next week he will be in the Impact Zone and that Aries needs to never forget that payback is a bitch.
We have an interview where Madison Rayne tries to talk about what she will do against an opponent like Su Yung but Rayne gets distracted by noises she hears in the background. Rayne walks away to see where it is coming from. Rayne turns around and there is a message written on a sheet in pink paint. Rayne gets locked in an office.
oVe (Jake & Dave Crist) & Sami Callihan vs Rich Swann, Fenix & Pentagon Jr. (6-Man Tag Team Tornado Match): Callihan and Pentagon Jr. gets in each other’s face. Pentagon Jr. silences the crowd and taunts Callihan. Callihan taunts Pentagon Jr. Callihan bites Pentagon Jr.’s finger. Everyone superkicks everyone. The only two left standing are Swann and Callihan. Swann front flips over Callihan. Callihan and Swann kick each other in the head at the same time. Fenix and Pentagon Jr. double superkicks Jake Crist. Mexican destroyer by Fenix and Pentagon Jr. Fenix floors Dave Crist with a running kick. Fenix monkey flips Pentagon Jr. into Dave Crist. Callihan flips Fenix into Pentagon Jr. Callihan clotheslines Fenix. Fenix falls to the outside. After a feint from Fenix, Swann dives over the top to Dave and Callihan. Jake kicks Fenix in the head. Jake dives over the top rope onto everyone. Not to be outdone, Fenix hits s sky twister press off the top rope to the outside. Dave and Swann battle to the top rope. Dave suplexes Swann off the top rope onto everyone.
After a tower of doom, Jake catches Fenix in a powerbomb for a near fall. Jake and Fenix battle on the top rope. Fenix tosses Jake off the top and hits a swanton. Dave hits the square and compass on Fenix. Step up kick by Swann to Dave. Callihan piledrivers Swann. Pentagon Jr. kicks Callihan in the head to break it up. Callihan and Pentagon Jr. take turns slapping each other. Pentagon Jr. hits the Pentagon Driver but Callihan kicks out. Callihan thumbs Pentagon Jr. in the eyes. Pentagon Jr. surprises Callihan with a cutter. Dave hits a diving cutter off the top to Pentagon Jr. Fenix hits a cutter on Dave. Callihan hits a cutter on Fenix. Springboard backward double cutter by Swann. Swann dives off the top but so does Jake. Jake catches Swann with a midair super cutter. Callihan gives Pentagon Jr. and Fenix the double bird followed by a spit to both their faces. The Lucha Brothers hits a foot stomp/package piledriver combo. Callihan kicks out. Fenix double foot stomps Dave off the top. Pentagon Jr. hits the package piledriver on Jake on the apron. Swann tries to hurricanrana Callihan of the top. Callihan reverses it and hits a super bomb. Callihan hits the Get Out of Here on Swann for the win. Winners: oVe (Jake & Dave Crist) & Sami Callihan
We head backstage where Rayne finds herself outside. Rayne is following someone wearing a white dress. Rayne is trapped in the woods. The Undead Bridesmaids surrounds Rayne. They are all saying “your time has come”. Rayne puts her head down and they all disappear. Yung appears and lunges at Rayne as the show goes off the air.

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