Hulk Hogan's Lawyer Says His Career Is Over, Trial Date Set

Hulk Hogan’s lawyer is blaming The National Enquirer and RadarOnline for ruining his career, according to reporter Anna Phillips.

Judge Pamela Campbell ruled that Hogan’s sex-tape civil case against Gawker Media will begin on March 7th, 2016.

Hogan’s lawyer told the judge, “His career is done, he’s been fired from WWE.”

Hogan’s lawyer cited “a potential violation of a protective order,” in accusing Gawker of being responsible for the leaked comments in an effort to ruin Hogan’s public image ahead of the trial.

Gawker’s legal team argued that the media company did not violate any laws and that there is, “a long list of people who knew about Mr. Bollea’s use of racist language long before Gawker learned about it.”

Gawker lawyers called Hogan’s efforts “the last refuge of a desperate litigant”

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