Hulk Hogan Holds Backstage Meeting In Orlando & More On TNA’s New Direction

Hulk Hogan held a big meeting with the TNA entire roster backstage in Orlando today and the outcome was said to be very positive. The meeting was described as ‘rallying of the troops’ for tonight’s special with Hogan telling talent that this is their opportunity to shine.

– Bubba the Love Sponge, who is the new backstage interviewer for TNA, said on his radio show today that there was a TNA creative meeting last night and that Hulk Hogan is definitely in charge as he vetoed some of the ideas that were brought up at the meeting with a “we’re not doing it like that” mentality. Bubba says that the direction TNA is going will appeal to the 18-34 year old male demographic and will be the opposite of what WWE is putting out. Bubba used the term “man stuff” when describing the TNA storyline direction.

**SPOILERS** for TONIGHT: Surprises, Debuts, Returns & MORE!

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