Hulk Hogan Asks Fans If They Want To See Him Return To Wrestling

Hulk Hogan recently answered some fan questions on his YouTube channel, however there wasn’t much to the Q&A session aside from what Hogan asked at the end of the video.

Basically, Hogan wants to know what the fans want him to do with pro wrestling. Here’s what he asked:

“Now I got a question for you. From this point forward, with Hulk Hogan being in the prime of his career, with Hulk Hogan being the greatest beach bum ever with the greatest beach shop, what do you fans want to see me do with wrestling? Do you want me to stay out of it? Do you want me to get back in it? Do you want me to tear the business apart? I want to hear from you guys. I want to get your replies. What do the fans want Hulk Hogan to do about wrestling from this point forward.”

The full Q&A is at the top of this article if you’d like to check it out.

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