HHH On Why WWE Signed Matt Riddle After Previously Avoiding Him

WWE COO Triple H spoke about The WWE NXT signing of Indie Star Matt Riddle at The NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV Post-Show Press Conference on Saturday evening. Below are the highlights from the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV Post-Show Press Conference:
On why WWE decided to sign Riddle after deciding against it in the past due to his history with marijuana: “I think he’s ready to come in and get brought the rest of the way. I also think he’s matured as a person which, we’ll find out, but I think he’s matured as a person and he’s realized where he wants to get to in the business as opposed to just having fun being in the business, there’s a difference. So we think now’s the right time, but time will tell.”
On Riddle’s potential in NXT and how time will tell how far he makes it in WWE: “He’s a very, very talented guy, the sky is the limit and you know, we’ll see what he can do. It’s an interesting thing because I think sometimes people think that we just bring them in and just go with it, it’s not that simple. Not everybody makes it, not everything works. There are a lot of factors that go into it, so we’ll see.
“I believe in him and I believe he has a lot of potential and talent, but again just like everybody else as they walk in the door, we’ll see.”
You can check out a photo of Matt Riddle at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV below:

Are you as excited to see #MattRiddle in Brooklyn as HE is to BE in Brooklyn?!@SuperKingofBros #NXTTakeOver pic.twitter.com/wOP2y9yRhY
— WWE NXT (@WWENXT) August 18, 2018

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