Golden formula – radical new rule in volleyball

The Golden Formula playing system requires that the first attack for each team begin from the back row in an attempt to produce longer rallies.



The rule will be used in Qatar during men´s club world championship in November. It will be the first time for the FIVB to test the rule.

The Golden formula 4 point concept:
1. The amendment intends to increase the duration of rally in order to “keep the ball flying” and to reduce interruptions. The most admirable scores (Points in Volleyball) that draw cheer and applause of fans are those finishing lengthy rallies, as they are effortful and diversified, attract the masses and hold them in tension.

2. The study pertains to major historical difficulties of the game, and so the treatment should necessarily be such daring

3. Change to the best is an indispensable principal of development and so the Golden Formula is a breathe of fresh air to the game.

4. Neutralizing the domination of giant players over volleyball, although they represent 15 % of the world population will encourage other participation from the 85 % majority to join the game. This will certainly ensure great boom to the popularity of Volleyball in the future.

Volleyball has too many interruptions and short duration of rally. In a match of 5 sets the maximum actual rally takes avg. of 25 minutes and the interruptions take avg. of 100 minutes i.e. 20 % rally and 80 % interruptions. (avg. of 337 legal interruptions).

Contrarily to our game name (VOLLEY) volleyball currently has the less flying ball duration among other ball sports and accordingly less variations of the spectacular air-borne skills compared to other ball sports.

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