First defeat for Asseco Resovia Rzeszow in Plus Liga

In the fourth round of the Plusliga Asseco Resovia Rzeszow was unexpectedly defeated by the team of Jastrzebski Wegiel. It was their first defeat in the new season and a big surprise considering the fact that they were favourites of this game.

The beginning of the match was played successfully by the hosts who took the two points lead after the first technical time out. After that they started making mistakes and lostpreviously developed advantage. Moreover, not only errors but also poor receiving was a bigdrawback of their play. In the final part of the first set Resovia’s coach A. Kowal nominatedfor the game B.Kurek, F.Dzyzga I N.Penchev but this move did not help win the set. FinallyResovia lost 22:25.

The second part was diametrically opposed to the first one and was leading by the Polish Champions. They managed to get their game straight. Thanks to better receiving and goodserves of A.Sliwka they delivered amazing performance and could not being stopped. On the contrary Jastrzębianie could not eliminate simple mistakes and was hardly beaten by the home team (25:14).

The begging of the next part indicated it would be as tight as the first set. And indeed, the game became a show with strong spikes and incredible defences. After the second technical time out Asseco Resovia took the lead and by increasing the game pace they were able to win the third set (25:20). The key element of this success was a good collaboration between the striker B.Kurek and the setter F.Dzyzga.

In the fourth set Jastrzebski Wegiel had to stepped up their effort to win this part and had a chance to continue match in tiebreak. The key moment was entering on the pitch young striker M.Muzaj who became the leader in attack. The team from Rzeszow started repeating mistakes of receiving and in the service field that led to a quick lost of this part (21:25).

The tiebreak was a dramatic end of this clash. Resovia was leading from the beginning but Jastrzębie once again confirmed their power. The Polish Champions could not finish their attacks and the young striker M.Muzaj ending the game 9:15 and received the MVP award.

It was the worst game of this season – said after the game A.Sliwka. We made a lot of mistakes and had much worst receiving than Jastrzebski Wegiel. We were 100 %

concentrated but they played better today. We tried to win but we lost and now we have to think about the next game. Tomorrow we go to Constanta and win– finished young receiver of Asseco Resovia.

We lacked aggressiveness in our game. We lead 2:1 in sets and we had an advantage of 3 points in the fourth one. We should have won , but we did not- said Resovia’s coach A.Kowal after the game. Resovia lost the first place in Plusliga but they have to focus on the next very important game in the Chamions League this week. The team from Rzeszow will fly to Romania to play against Tomis Constanta on Tuesday.

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