ECW On Sci-Fi Taping Results (12/09) *Spoilers*

WWE taped this week’s edition of ECW at the Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Special thanks to readers Jay Carnage, Steve Quadrato, Tim Boufford, and Rickauris Nuez for sending live text-message updates. If you are attending a future WWE event and would be interested in sending us live updates please email your name, mobile number, and show date to wnwryan [at] Thanks for your support!

* A WrestleMania vide package is shown.

Dark Match:
* Kizarny b. Jamie Noble
– Kizarny controlled most of the match and got the win via pinfall.

ECW On Sci-Fi: (Airing Tonight)
* ECW opens with Tommy Dreamer in the ring. He talks about how ECW has been his life. Vladimir Kozlov comes out and gives Dreamer a spinebuster. Kozlov then challenges Matt Hardy to a match for the ECW Championship. Jack Swagger then comes out and takes out Dreamer.

* The Miz & Morrison b. Jimmy Wang Yang & Kung Fu Naki
-Solid match with lots of back and forth action. John Morrison gets the win with the pinfall on Jimmy Wang Yang.

* Mark Henry cuts a promo backstage with Tony Atlas.

* Vladimir Kozlov vs. Matt Hardy for the ECW Championship is announced for Armageddon.

* Boogeyman b. Scott Reid in a quick squash match.

* Mark Henry & Tony Atlas b. Finlay & Hornswoggle
– Finlay wrestles most of the match. Mark Henry attempts to pull Hornswoggle in and powerslam him but Finlay interferes. Henry powerslams Finlay for the pinfall. This concludes ECW.

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