ECW Legend, Former WWE Star Attacks Michael Elgin in Surprise Return to Impact Wrestling

Sunday night did not go well for Michael Elgin.

While Big Mike pushed the Impact World Champion to the very limit, he was ultimately unsuccessful in challenging Brian Cage at Slammiversary. The “Machine” kicked out of some unbelievable offense including multiple Buckle Bombs and Elgin Bombs, as well as a nasty-looking Crucifix Bomb, eventually rolling the Canadian bruiser up with an inside cradle to retain his title.

After the match, Elgin attempted to take out his frustrations on Impact executive Don Callis, dragging him to the ring with lethal intent. Before he could squash the commentator with an Elgin Bomb, however, a large, hunky masked man rolled into the ring, dropped Eglin with a spear, and ran away into the night, never to be see heard from again…

The masked man was clearly Rhyno. reported that the ECW legend was backstage in Dallas for Slammiveresary and would be appearing on the show. The entire crowd chanted “GORE! GORE! GORE!” after he delivered the spear, or rather Gore, and it’s expected that he’ll be working the next set of Impact television tapings.

.@MrGMSI_BCage retains the World Championship but CHAOS ERUPTS after the match!

Who is the MASKED MAN?



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