"Dolphins1925" Predicts All HIAC Matches, Misses Sandow MITB Cash-In Prediction

The infamous Reddit user, Dolphins1925, once again correctly predicted all of the match outcomes for a WWE pay-per-view on Sunday. The only thing Dolphins missed was his prediction that Damien Sandow would cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase after the John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio World Heavyweight Championship match.

The predictions made by Dolphins followed the betting lines for the top matches, which included a major shift for the Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton match on the day of the event. Bryan opened as a solid favorite, reaching as high as (-2,000) before becoming a huge underdog (+1,400) on Sunday night.

Dolphins correctly picked Orton over Bryan, Rhodes Brothers over The Shield and The Uso’s, CM Punk over Ryback & Paul Heyman, AJ Lee over Brie Bella, Los Matadores over The Real Americans and John Cena over Alberto Del Rio.

Regarding the incorrect prediction that Sandow would cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase, Dolphins claimed it was “merely misinformation from my source,” or the possibility that WWE changed their plans after he tweeted out the spoiler.

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