Dissed by Clinton as Financial Con Man, Trump Unleashes Epic Twitter Tirade

Following a Hillary Clinton speech highly critical of his economic acumen and business record, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump on Tuesday responded with an epic Twitter tirade which offered a possible preview of a speech aimed at his Democratic rival scheduled for Wednesday.

Clinton’s remarks were a clear effort to put into question Trump’s claim of being “very smart” and “very successful in business,” something many of his backers cite as a key reason for their support.

As The Hill reported:

Clinton repeatedly chided Trump for driving his business ventures into the ground, often by filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and for leaving a path of economic destruction and injured workers in his wake.

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“We can’t let him bankrupt America like it’s one of his failed casinos,” Clinton said. “We can’t let him roll the dice with our children’s futures.”

However, as TIME magazine’s Rana Foroohar notes, it’s not as though Clinton has a particularly hard case to make.

From the few details that are available, writes Foroohar, Trump’s economic plany is pretty much “Reaganomics on steroids — and that’s without considering anything truly crazy he might do. The upshot of his plans are: reduce taxes on individuals and corporations, while throwing the public a bone by closing some tax loopholes used by the rich.”


What’s missing, according to Foroohar, is that Clinton’s speech failed to offer “a vision of the future that gets people excited” – an implication that her campaign may be leaning too much on fear-mongering over Trump and too little on inspiring potential voters about what her economic plan would be.

Regardless, Clinton’s speech seemed enough to ignite the passions of Trump, who shortly after Clinton’s speech unleashed a series of tweets against his presumed general election rival:

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