Details On Cryme Tyme Returning To WWE On Tonight's Edition Of Raw

Shad Gaspard and JTG returned as the tag team Cryme Tyme to WWE on tonight’s edition of Raw from the Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida in a match against Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade.

It is interesting to note that both Shad and JTG posted blogs on their MySpace pages yesterday that included the letters “T.N.A.B”. They also changed their profile pictures on MySpace to an image of these letters. This led to speculation from their fans that they were going to TNA. Obviously the letters have another meaning or were used to throw people off before returning tonight on Raw.

Cryme Tyme was released by WWE back in September due to a backstage incident at a WWE show involving Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade.

Update: Reader Eric Johnson reporting… I’m not sure why anyone thought T.N.A.B meant Cryme Tyme was going to TNA… try… THE NIGGAZ ARE BACK

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