Daniel Bryan Likely Missing Smackdown for Weeks, Child Due Soon

Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan was absent from the most recent edititon of Smackdown, and he did not appear on the Talking Smack post-show after the show aired either. After some speculation, it was confirmed by Renee Young on Talking Smack that Bryan was absent from the show due to the fact that his newborn child is “about to drop.” He will likely be off of Smackdown completely until his new baby girl has been delivered into the world.
Brie Bella, Daniel’s wife, has been pregnant for the last 38 weeks and she is expected to give birth to her first child at any time now. The two of them have a well-documented record of their desire to start a family, with a number of children, and their first child was expected to be due on April 30th. Now it looks as though the child may very well be born even earlier than that. The couple has confirmed that their child will be a baby girl, and that they have named her Birdie Joe Danielson.
Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella have updated fans on social media, as well on their YouTube channel, about the pregnancy, and how they’ve prepared for the big day ever since Brie first announced that she was pregnant. Bryan will likely return to his General Manager position after his child has been born, and Brie has even expressed interest in making a WWE comeback after giving birth. It shouldn’t be long now before Birdie Joe arrives and the Danielson family begins.

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