CM Punk On 'Talking Dead' Bonus Footage & Viewership, Mysterio Update & More

– Rey Mysterio has been doing promotional work for WWE (including a media tour of Spain), which is why he hasn’t been on television lately.

– The “RAW Backstage Pass” show on the WWE Network actually went live on the air while WWE RAW was still airing on the USA Network. This was done due to scheduling reasons, since RAW ran long and WWE did not want to disrupt the programming lineup that followed Backstage Pass.

– Sunday’s 3/16 episode of “Talking Dead” on AMC featuring CM Punk’s first public appearance since leaving WWE averaged 5.42 million viewers.

The “The Walking Dead” episode that preceded show drew a huge 12.87 million viewers.

* DANIEL BRYAN: The Art Of The Slow Burn (Editorial)

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