Chris Sabin Suffers Knee Injury, Impact Post-Show Video

– The June 14th Impact Wrestling post game show is now online.

Right as IMPACT WRESTLING goes off the air Jeremy Borash is live backstage to get you the scoop on what just happened on IMPACT WRESTLING. We hear from Roode regarding Austin Aries and James Storm. We also get the scoop on the return of Magnus who also brought along fellow UK wrestler Mark Haskins. Robbie E also stops in who still happens to have perfect hair…still. Christopher Daniels also storms in and of course makes a scene.

– TNA star Chris Sabin injured his knee at Thrusday’s Impact during the Ultimate X match. A source in TNA says the situation “doesn’t look good.” The injury took place when he landed outside of the ring. He immediately held his knee in pain after the spot and was not involved in the rest of the match. Sabin recently returned to action after missing several months due to a torn ACL in his other knee.

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