Candice Michelle On Tonight’s Retirement Match, Why Her Wrestling Career Ended, House of Hardcore Line-Up

Former WWE star Candice Michelle will be wrestling her final wrestling match at tonight’s House of Hardcore event in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and prior to the bout Michelle spoke with On Milwaukee about tonight’s event and her pro wrestling career. Below are some interview highlights:

OnMilwaukee: How did you respond to Tommy’s offer to wrestle again?

“Candice Michelle: I just knew what he was going to say, and I knew it was the perfect timing. And it’s just such a gift, really, what he’s giving me. I didn’t realize I had so many feelings still, because I’ve been grateful to have moved on after wrestling, which I feel is a really hard thing to do.

But I had a beautiful family. I’ve been a mom full time. It was just time for me to be me again, to find out who I was. So to have this opportunity, to be in my home town, to come back and wrestle and to face my fans, and face my fears and everything that happened …”

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Is this a one-time thing?

“Final match, yeah.”

How did wrestling end for you?

“We were coming back from a two-week European tour, and it was our last match in Nebraska before we got a break. It was a big match with me and Beth Phoenix, and I went up to the top rope for a spot where she was gonna hit the rope and I was gonna eat it. But my boot caught, and I nose dived. So I was knocked out, on live TV. The next thing I remember is waking up in the ambulance, and they said, “Your husband’s being flown in.”

When you’re in a neck brace, and you’re in an ambulance, and they’re flying your husband in, it’s pretty scary. Thankfully I just had a broken collar bone and a concussion. But the hardest part is it shelved me. I worked so hard to get that spot, and that recognition from my coworkers, and from the fans. And now I’m shelved for six months.

I think most wrestlers have a very relentless mentality. Somehow I had to convince (producer) Johnny Laurinaitis and the doctors there that my collarbone was not broken anymore, even though the X-rays show it was still. Somehow I weaseled my way into a match, and the first drop kick, I shattered it. But, I finished the match.”

House of Hardcore Line-Up

In related news, below is the advertised card for tonight’s House of Hardcore event, which can be viewed via Twitch:

-Hardcore War: Tommy Dreamer vs. Abyss.

-Candice Michelle vs. Lisa Marie Varon in Michelle’s retirement match.

-Austin Aries vs. Joey Mercury with Aries wrestling in his hometown for the first time ever

-Al Snow & Swoggle (with Dave Herro) vs. The Squad

-Also appearing are MVP, Carlito, Guido Maritato and more

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