Brie Bella Shows Nikki Tough Love Regarding Cena, Samoa Joe Warns Big Cass, Murphy On Title Shot (Videos)

WWE has released the above and below videos.

NXT Superstar Buddy Murphy has made many sacrifices to compete on WWE 205 Live and will stop at nothing to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

The Samoan Submission Machine has a warning for Big Cass ahead of their Money in the Bank Qualifying Match next Tuesday.

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Below is a new promo video for the upcoming season of Total Bellas, premiering this Sunday night. During the video, Brie Bella does not mince words with her sister Nikki when the subject of John Cena comes up. Brie tells Nikki that she is tired of all the sacrifices Nikki is making for Cena, and that it’s time Cena returns the favor.

Brie adds that Nikki has to stop sacrificing what she wants in life just because she is grateful that Cena proposed to her, and that Cena is “freakin” lucky he is marrying someone like Nicole.

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Goodness this season is going to have it all…heart ache, laughs, smiles, family & new beginnings! Hard one to relive but can’t wait to bring the world even more into my heart on @Total_Bellas May 20th ❤N

— Nikki & Brie (@BellaTwins) April 5, 2018

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