Brazil won the first match but in a difficult way

Argentina improved its performance against the 2009 World League champion, Brasil. The captain Rodrigo Quiroga was the best player in home team and made 22 points. Murilo was the Brazilian best scorer with 20.



Brazil taught advantage in the first set but they didn´t showed their best version in spike or even in block. It was an easy job for the very beginning for Bernardinho`s team and finished 17/25.
In the next set Argentina´s coach Javier Weber replace the opposite and gave a chance to the young Federico Pereyra, who made a very good work with his strong spike and serve. Almost Quiroga played better because he had company in attack (25/23)
The last FIVB World League champion reacted setting over the winds and joined the strong of Murilo and the ability of Dante to reach the difference (20/25)
Argentina didn´t lose the patience and made his better effort to equilibrate the play. Again, Pereyra and Quiroga shone left the home team in a good place to tie the match (25/19) when Brazil was playing the worst volleyball.
In tie break, Argentina lost the way and made a lot of mistakes growing up the Brazilian confidence. In a very difficult night where the champions who celebrate (10/15)


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