BBB Tip: Data Privacy

We all share a lot of information when we use the internet. Our devices communicate with us – and with each other – for ease of shopping, banking, travel arrangements, and keeping in touch with friends. When online, it’s important to safeguard your data to help avoid scams, fraud, and identity theft.

As we approach Data Privacy Day (January 28 this year), the Better Business Bureau and the National Cyber Security Alliance offer the following tips to help secure the privacy of your critical information:

*For more information:

Individuals should check out the National Cyber Security Alliance’s Privacy Tips, including special information for teens, parents, older adults, mobile users, and more.

Businesses should check out BBB’s Five Steps to Better Business Cybersecurity ( Ask the BBB in your area about programs for business leaders and employees (

Hear BBB’s privacy and security professionals discuss data privacy issues on our “Better Business > Better Series” podcast series. Subscribe to the series on your mobile device or click here to listen to it on the web.

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