Batista's Major Announcement, Former Diva Alleges Gimmick Infringement

– Zack Ryder will be filming this week’s episode of “Z! True Long Island Story” from the San Diego Comic Con. Ryder will appearing at the event with other WWE Superstars and the Mattel toy designers.

– WWE Superstar Ezekiel Jackson wrote on Twitter that he is working on being featured more on WWE TV.

– Former WWE Diva Jillian Hall says that Heath Slater is ripping off her singing gimmick. She tweeted this week:

“Does it make me a bad person to be annoyed by Heath slater’s rip off?? Lol.. And I say that in the nicest possible way :)”

– Batista’s recent announcements that he’s appearing in the “Man With the Iron Fist” Tarantino movie and directing a rap music video are not the “major announcement” he and his agent have been hyping on Twitter for months.

Batista says that announcement is still forthcoming and that fans are going to flip out when they find out what the news is:

“Follow @JohnnyRyanJr he’s leaking the announcement this week. You fans are gonna f***ing flip out.”

* LISTEN HERE: The Song That BATISTA Is Directing A Music Video For

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