Batista Talks about Bray Wyatt and Titus O’Neal

Batista recently made an appearance on Chris Jericho’s podcast “Talk is Jerricho where he spoke about many topics. When asked about watching the product now, he answered:
“I haven’t watched in a long time, but, yeah, I was watching kind of once in a while. Well, the new guys that I did like, they’re not really new anymore. Bray Wyatt. I thought he was incredible. I love everything about that kid. I would’ve loved to have worked with him. Yeah, and super athletic. He can go! I love that kid. He can run his mouth too. And personally, I just like him.” Batista observed, “[there is] nothing real pretentious about him. He just wants to work and have good matches and I think he’s super talented. But he’d be at the top of my list.”
On his friendship with Titus O Neal: “Titus is my boy. I would love to go and do something with him, whether it’s against him or tag with him, but I’d love it just so I can say that we did because we have never gotten the chance to work together and I’ve known him for years.”

“I told him he should have left the WWE after he got suspended. I said, ‘dude, I would have been out of there.’ No, I hated it because I thought that was a conversation Vince should have pulled him aside and said, ‘don’t ever f–king do that again’ and it never would have happened again. It should have been a man-to-man thing if he had such an issue with it, which I could see a point where he may. It’s just bad timing. But Vince is a playful guy. We’re always grabbing each other. He always wants to wrestle. And once you get the mindset that you guys are on those terms, that’s what it is. Don’t just change your mind, man, because of the timing. I hated to see it and I felt like it was such a slap in the face and I really felt like it was spit right in his face. Also suspended him right through WrestleMania. You don’t do that. A guy busts his ass all year long and then you take that away from him?”



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