Backstage Update on The Undertaker Working WWE SummerSlam

According to the @WrestleVotes Twitter account, WWE has reportedly presented The Undertaker with a potential storyline and match for the SummerSlam PPV Event in Brooklyn on August 19th.
Based on a new report, The Undertaker working Madison Square Garden on July 7th and the Super Show-Down Event in Australia on October 6th should be a good sign for SummerSlam. The Undertaker has been confirmed to face Triple H at the huge Super Show-Down Event in Australia that will be airing live on the WWE Network and he will be teaming up with Braun Strowman & Roman Reigns to face Elias, Baron Corbin & Kevin Owens at MSG.
There is no word yet on how those matches could tie-in to SummerSlam or who he might wrestle at SummerSlam but it was noted that the idea being pitched to The Undertaker is something that he pushed for at one point. One idea that is being tossed around is for him to face John Cena at SummerSlam, but it is unsure at this point if WWE will go through with that idea.

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