Backstage News on How WWE is Treating Tonight’s Survivor Series

On last Tuesday night’s episode of SmackDown LIVE, Daniel Bryan turned heel and defeated AJ Styles to become the new WWE Champion. Bryan will now replace Styles on The Survivor Series Card and will face The WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. The timing of Bryan’s heel turn came as a surprise to many, considering that he will face Lesnar tonight.
During the most recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio Program, Dave Meltzer talked about WWE’s decision to turn Bryan heel and booking him in a match against Lesnar at Survivor Series. Meltzer argued that for the match between Bryan and Lesnar to work, Daniel had to go in as a babyface.
Meltzer also revealed that he had inquired about the reasoning behind turning Bryan heel before facing Lesnar and was reportedly told that the show is being treated as if it’s not a part of the current storylines. Dave further noted that he was told WWE will get back to their regular storylines next week after the event.

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