Anthem Decides to Let Matt Hardy Acquire The “Broken” Trademark

For the past few months, Impact Wrestling/ Anthem Sports and Matt Hardy has been battling over the rights for The “Broken” Trademarks. Each side has been submitting documents to obtain the rights of the “Broken” Trademarks. Just recently in a somewhat surprising development, Impact Wrestling / Anthem Sports has decided that they will not contest the “Broken Universe” trademarks, pretty much clearing all obstacles for Matt Hardy to use that gimmick/persona in WWE or anywhere he wants. The trademarks were up for objection in December and then any parties would have 30 days to step up.
Since Impact Wrestling/ Anthem Sports did not object and have pretty much given Matt Hardy the rights over the “Broken” Trademarks, Matt Hardy is now free to use the gimmick whenever he wants in the WWE. Only time will tell when the “Broken” Persona of Matt Hardy will take full effect and come full circle.

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