Alberto Del Rio Talks About The Origin Of His Character, Adjusting To WWE

WWE star Alberto Del Rio spoke with the Miami Herald this week to promote next year’s WrestleMania 28 pay-per-view. Here are some highlights of what Del Rio, who now resides in Tampa, Florida, said about:

The Origin of His Character: “Alberto Del Rio is something Vince McMahon and I created,” he said. “We created this character. He came up with the idea of the scarf, the cars and everything. However, I developed the character from guys from the movies like ‘Scarface’ and ‘The Godfather’ or guys who I hated during my life.”

“I was like this before WWE,” he added. “I wore these kinds of clothes. I like to have nice cars when I was in Mexico, and in the United States, it’s the same. It doesn’t matter that I have a character on TV. Of course I don’t have as many cars as Alberto Del Rio, but the way I handle myself is somewhat similar.

Adjusting To The WWE Style: “A lot of people helped me adjust to the style, including Steve Keirn, Dusty Rhodes, Norman Smiley. Those guys helped me in FCW because in Mexico we wrestle on the right side, and here we wrestle on the left side. That was the main issue because, essentially, wrestling is the same everywhere. That particular area and transition were kind of hard, but in the end everything worked out well.”

WrestleMania 28: “It is going to be great,” Del Rio said. “This WrestleMania [27] was incredible, but I’m pretty sure next year’s WrestleMania [28] will be awesome. All the things we have here in Miami, it’s going to be a great event. They are going to be bringing in guys like The Rock and superstars from the past. So it’s going to be great.”

“I’m going to be defending my WWE title at WrestleMania because I see myself as champion in a few months. John Cena, I’ve worked with him in the past. I’ve never had a program with him. I think that is the way I’m going now.”

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