AJ Lee Talks Divas Having Hell In A Cell Match, Her Love For Eddie Guerrero

The following are highlights of a DC 101 interview with WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee:

If we’ll ever see Divas in Hell In a Cell: “I can tell you for sure that women like myself and Paige are down for it, and I think more than capable of hanging with the guys in that kind of scenario, because we’re insane and we like to jump off of stuff!” “I think if anyone could do it we could, but if it’s not in my generation, it needs to happen someday, and I really think women could handle that.”

Possible contenders for the Divas Title after Paige: “I see so much potential in people who haven’t particularly gotten that opportunity yet, like Emma and Summer and even Lana. I think they are interesting characters and women who have a lot of potential and I would love to something that’s vastly different with one of those girls. Just someone we haven’t seen yet get a chance.”

What really made her love wrestling: “Anything with Eddie Guerrero, especially WrestleMania 20 because I was at that one. Just to see the confetti and him crying and holding the title. Anything that he was in I was drawn to. I liked having a character that wasn’t 100% good or 100% evil, he just rode that line.”

Check out the complete interview at DC101.com.

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