A new FIVB ranking – Brazil still a leader

After the latest edition of the World League, FIVB gave an updated ranking of Men volleyball teams.


Brazil is still safe on their first position as they are the only team with over 200 points. Russia also didn’t fell from the vice leader place, despite of their poor game in the World League. The first change is on the next position. Poland is now the third team of FIVB ranking – they advanced one step higher. Also Cuba and USA got a little up as they are also medalists of Final Six in Sofia. The first big decrease is for Italian team. They are now 3 positions now compared to the previous statement. On the other hand, Germany jumped in the first 10 of the world ranking from 13th place. Now in London there is 100 points to take and we are waiting forward to this game.

Top 10 of  FIVB Senior World Ranking – Men

1. Brazil: 232.50 points (previous posititon: 1)
2. Russia: 196.50 (2)
3. Poland: 192.00 (4)
4. Cuba: 188.25 (5)
5. USA: 178.00 (6)
6. Italy: 173.00 (3)
7. Serbia: 136.25 (7)
8. Argentina: 94.75 (8)
9. Bulgaria: 93.75 (9)
10. Germany 69.50 (13)

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