2013 Class AAA Section 6 Team Tournament

Events subject to change. Check local schedules to verify dates, times, and locations.



Robbinsdale Armstrong 39, Robbinsdale Cooper 28
106 Smith, Ben (Cooper) over Forfeit (Armstrong) Win by Forfeit
113 Forfeit (Armstrong) over (Cooper)
120 Ben Hyland (Armstrong) over Bangura, Alhassan (Cooper) Fall: 3:12
126 Eric Madsen (Armstrong) over Smith, Josh (Cooper) Decision: 8-5
132 Mead, Kelly (Cooper) over Kevin Trinh (Armstrong) Fall: 5:56
138 Mead, Derek (Cooper) over Miguel Gonzalez (Armstrong) Major Decision
145 Max Holly (Armstrong) over Vargas, Chris (Cooper) Fall: 3:24
152 Black, Tyshan (Cooper) over Brandon Lundeen (Armstrong) Fall: 4:17
160 Koskela, Lenzel (Cooper) over Forfeit (Armstrong) Win by Forfeit
170 Zach Rygg (Armstrong) over Jansson, Jon (Cooper) Fall: 3:42
182 Ricardo Martos (Armstrong) over (Cooper) Win by Forfeit
195 Joe Lopez (Armstrong) over Xiong, Chiv (Cooper) Fall: 3:50
220 Hutton Adams (Armstrong) over Lemeshevskiy, Sergey (Cooper) Fall: :43
285 Forfeit (Armstrong) over (Cooper)


Wayzata 65, Robbinsdale Armstrong 7

Minnetonka 49, Hopkins 22
106: Jesse Sattler (H) over Renninger, Logan (M) Fall:
113: Rohweder, William (H) over McGann, Jake (M) Decision: 7-3
120: Settler, Noah (H) over Elias, Weston (M) Major Decision: 12-0
126: Liedtke, Grey (M) over Becker, Andrew (H) Decision: 8-3
132: (M) over Forfeit (H) Win by Forfeit
138: Resig, Drew (H) over Erickson, Cory (M) Decision: 9-4
145: Klein, Ethan (M) over Haecherl, Nathaniel (H) Fall:
152: Garski, Avery (M) over Clifton, Anthony (H) Major Decision: 14-2
160: Falk, Thomas (H) over Armour, Declan (M) Fall:
170: Andress, Tim (M) over Rohweder, Quinn (H) Decision: 6-5
182: Garski, Trevor (M) over Schmid, Nathan (H) Fall:
195: Gabler, Nick (M) over Sanchez, Catarino (H) Fall:
220: Ashley, Conan (M) over Pettigrew, Trevon (H) Fall:
285: Arteaga, Oscar (M) over Forfeit (H) Win by Forfeit

Mound Westonka 47, Rocori 32

Willmar 77, Buffalo 6
106 Jacob Bollig, will, forf.
113 Juan Resendez, will, forf.
120 Zach Lueders, will, forf.
126 Nate Mittag, will, pinned Wesley Sanderson, BHS, 1:09
132 Austin Miley, will, forf.
138 Estevan Navarro, will, pinned Corbin Ruby, BHS, 1:05
145 Travis Deegan, will, pinned Jose Lara Fuentes, BHS, 0:43
152 Logan Wigton, will, forf.
160 Colten Carlson, will, pinned Hunter Durand, BHS, 3:33
170 Vaughn Johnson, will, tech. fall Jonathan Wirkkala, BHS, 0:00 16-1
182 Augustine Hahn, will, pinned Victor Jude, BHS, 0:20
195 Jalen Cabrera, will, forf.
220 Adam Treptau, BHS, pinned Matt Hennes, will, 5:35
285 Cass Herzog, will, pinned Robert Sahli, BHS, 0:47

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Wayzata 50, Minnetonka 15
106: Boyd Mumbuwa (W) over McGann, Jake (M) Decision: 8-5
113: Kluck, Evan (W) over (M) Win by Forfeit
120: Stufft, Jacob (W) over Elias, Weston (M) Technical Fall: 19-4
126: OBrian, Nick (W) over Agan, James (M) Fall:
132: Cote, Aaron (W) over Liedtke, Grey (M) Decision: 6-3
138: Ahn, Jaeseok (W) over Erickson, Cory (M) Decision: 12-5
145: Droegemueller, Weston (W) over Klein, Ethan (M) Major Decision: 10-2
152: Garski, Avery (M) over Hamlin, Blake (W) Fall:
160: Sohn, Collin (W) over Armour, Declan (M) Fall:
170: Imholt, Drake (W) over Masui, Ryan (M) Fall:
182: Garski, Trevor (M) over Karpitski, Tim (W) Decision: 7-3
195: Schulke, Robert (W) over Gabler, Nick (M) Major Decision: 8-0
220: Hollins, Ellijah (W) over Ashley, Conan (M) Major Decision: 11-0
285: Arteaga, Oscar (M) over Greely, Drew (W) Fall:

Willmar 39, Mound Westonka 24
106 Jacob Bollig, will, forf.
113 Sam Bennyhoff, MWTK, maj. dec. Juan Resendez, will, 13-5
120 Zach Lueders, will, dec. Ryan Reid, MWTK, 3-0
126 Nate Mittag, will, pinned Drake Heath, MWTK, 3:55
132 Austin Miley, will, dec. Adrian Wear, MWTK, 11-4
138 Ben Rogers, MWTK, dec. Estevan Navarro, will, 7-5
145 Tyler Hebig, MWTK, pinned Eli Gunderson, will, 2:55
152 John Byers, MWTK, dec. Travis Deegan, will, 6-3
160 Colten Carlson, will, pinned Jarek Witzcek, MWTK, 0:05
170 Ryder Schmidt, MWTK, dec. OT Vaughn Johnson, will, 2-1
182 Bryan Tierney, MWTK, pinned Kory Welgraven, will, 3:59
195 Augustine Hahn, will, dec. Tyler VanSant, MWTK, 7-4
220 Jalen Cabrera, will, pinned Travis Peterson, MWTK, 2:29
285 Cass Herzog, will, forf.
MWTK Team Misconduct -1


Willmar 32, Wayzata 31 – 5th tiebreaker criteria – most 6 point victories
106 Boyd Mumbuwa, WYZA, dec. Jacob Bollig, will, 10-6
113 Juan Resendez, will, dec. Evan Kluck, WYZA, 4-3
120 Jake Stufft, WYZA, dec. Zach Lueders, will, 6-1
126 Nick Obrien, WYZA, maj. dec. Nate Mittag, will, 17-6
132 Austin Miley, will, dec. Aaron Cote, WYZA, 7-3
138 Weston Drogenmueller, WYZA, tech. fall Estevan Navarro, will, 5:55 19-4
145 Travis Deegan, will, maj. dec. Michael Ho, WYZA, 14-4
152 Colten Carlson, will, pinned Blake Hamlin, WYZA, 2:40
160 Collin Sohn, WYZA, pinned Logan Wigton, will, 0:36
170 Vaughn Johnson, will, pinned Drake Imholte, WYZA, 5:00
182 Timothy Karpitski, WYZA, pinned Kory Welgraven, will, 0:30
195 Augustine Hahn, will, dec. Rob Schulke, WYZA, 8-3
220 Elijah Hollins, WYZA, maj. dec. Jalen Cabrera, will, 8-0
285 Cass Herzog, will, pinned Drew Greely, WYZA, 3:06

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